Pool Blankets

Pool Blanket and Roller Solutions


At Pacific Pines Pool & Spa Services we supply the Gold Coast with a large range of swimming pool blankets and rollers.

A properly fitted swimming pool blanket can save you time and money and also has many other benefits:

  • Stop up to 97% water evaporation! An average domestic pool can save up to 10,000 litres per month in summer with a properly fitted blanket.
  • Heat your pool by up to 8 degrees! Turn your pool into a giant solar collector with a properly fitted blanket.
  • A properly fitted pool blanket can also help to reduce chemical costs! Stop chemicals dissipating off the surface and help maintain balance by reducing evaporation with a properly fitted pool blanket.
  • Keeps leaves and debris out! A properly fitted pool blanket will ensure no bird droppings, dust or leaves enter your pool. Creating less work for you cleaning, and more time enjoying the pool.


Include a roller for easy handling and storage! With a range of plastic or stainless steel rollers either stationary or mobile, we have the roller to suit your requirements.

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